Good Finance is not just a compactor of financial products

Good Finance started its activity on the Slovak market a year ago. Its goal is not only to act as a comparison of financial products, but to become a symbol of fairness, speed and professionalism.

Why have they entered a financial market that is already overcrowded by other companies?

Why have they entered a financial market that is already overcrowded by other companies?

Good Finance says that their goal was to bring another way of financial intermediation to the Slovak market. Ondrej Matvija claims that most companies do not offer brokers and their companies a comprehensive platform as they do. They mediate to them clients who get a housing mortgage through them, the broker earns commissions and thus the cooperation with the given client ends.

What is Good Finance doing differently?

Good Finance is not a multilevel marketing or broker pool. They create a financial platform and, with its help, build their own brand and partner company. They provide conditions that allow partners to build their businesses. This will help entrepreneurs to grow and grow. Also, nobody has offered the Slovak market yet.

How exactly does the mentioned Good Finance platform work?

How exactly does the mentioned Good Finance platform work?

Good Finance operates on a platform that has been developing in the Czech Republic for four years and has cost around EUR 3.9 million. Of course, it makes no sense for anyone to build something as expensive in a small market. As Good Finance is also a technology-marketing company, it is able to process data centrally and thus is able to support both cross-selling and up-selling. The team can provide additional revenue for their partners. So the process does not end after mediation and mortgage provision.

Good Finance is also present in real estate business

The company is also developing a real estate investment fund, Golden Oak Capital, with which it has invested more than EUR 30 million in development projects. Already 30 real estate agencies have the possibility to sell apartments from projects. When selling 400 apartments, partners will be able to provide mortgages for these apartments, thus going hand in hand, helping and supporting each other.

Does the comparator play a role on Good Finance?

Candidates call the company’s call center after visiting Good Finance. There, financial product experts get additional information about their needs from them. They can then distribute the acquired information and specific requests among brokers. In a special mobile application, a broker gets a message that the client is interested, and the broker can start working with him. The client thus equips a broker who has both current and capacity. The entire process is managed by the Good Finance Technology Platform.

Good Finance wants to be present also offline

Good Finance wants to be present also offline

By opening the second Premium Center in Trnava, Good Finance does not stop developing the branch network. The plan is to open the center in larger cities in Slovakia, Košice, Nitra, Trencin and open at least two branches in Bratislava. It also develops a network of cooperating brokers. The company wants to be strong online while being offline. The goal is for clients to find offices with one brand and a unified design across the country. They want to be able to accompany the client from the first web search to a personal meeting at the place of residence. And this is not the only advantage. The client will solve all his financial needs in one place and at favorable conditions.

What vision does Good Finance have?

Good Finance wants to be a complex technology-financial company built on several pillars.

On the one hand, he wants to be a classic financial broker providing service to brokers. At the same time, it is important to strengthen the B2C segment online – from benchmarking to contracting online.

The goal is to have Good Finance Premium Banking branches throughout Slovakia offering comprehensive and exclusive client services.

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